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    • Collect more than 1,000 data on each channel of the portal site
    • theimc 2024.02.07 10:01:34

  • Portal sites can only collect 1,000 data per channel, even if the amount of data is more than 1,000. In most cases, if you set it for a long period of time, the amount of data will increase, and the maximum number of links provided by the portal site will be 1,000, so only up to 1,000 can be collected.

    Therefore, to solve this problem, you can collect it by dividing the period.

    There are two ways to collect time periods separately.

    1. Collect using collection units

    For instance, if you collect on a daily basis, if you collect it, you will collect data after searching for a month on a daily basis.

    (Please refer to the attached image file)

    Simply put, assuming that there are 300 Google blogger data per day, setting a week period as a collection period generates 2,100 data. And if the collection unit is not in use, 1,000 data will be collected. However, if the collection unit is raised, all 2,100 data will be collected because the search is cut and collected one day at a time.

    The collection unit is not available for all channels; only the darkly marked channel name among the channel names can be set.

    2. How to not use the collection unit

    If the collection unit is not in use, the user must divide the period directly and collect it repeatedly with the corresponding keyword. If this is done, the collected data must be combined and put back to the textom when the collection is completed, so the capacity may be used repeatedly. Therefore, we recommend using the above collection unit.

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