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    • Guide to changes in permission for collection units
    • theimc 2024.01.31 16:45:03

  • Hello, this is TEXTOM.

    We previously provided TEXTOM's right to use the collection unit to "all users who have made payments."

    However, there have often been situations that cause damage to other users, exploiting this by getting authorized to buy a small amount of capacity then collect excess data that will not be used for analysis.

    So, we changed the policy as follows.

    - Prior to change: Permission to use 'collection unit': User who has made a paid payment

    - After change: Permission to use 'collection unit': Users who made a payment of 10mb or more

    ※ Basis for calculation: The average capacity of the data collected when three lists are generated

    Please understand that we are changing the policy to ensure that all users can use data collection and analysis smoothly.We will always work hard to provide good service.Thank you.

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